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Lost in Transmission

Sorry for the lack of posts over the previous weeks.  We went to visit my Mum in Shropshire for half term; a 200 mile trip which took us well over 5 hours, thanks to half term bank holiday traffic! 

Unfortunately we had no choice but to travel at 3pm on the Friday as firstly my daughter had school and secondly we had a wedding that meant we had to leave my Mums early on the Saturday morning, so we had to grin and bear it, although trust me there was very little grinning going on in our car!

The highlight of the journey was us discovering that my son suffers with travel sickness.  While this is pretty miserable for him, it was sadly a lot more miserable for the other 4 passengers in the car – my daughter got vomit on her, the DVD screen was also a victim and because of this myself and my husband suffered earache for the remainder of the journey.  Needless to say we got some travel sickness medicine for him for the return journey.

To cut a long story short we had a lovely time at an old friends wedding on the Saturday, the highlight of which was a night away in a hotel WITHOUT children (thank you Mum!) and a morning at the hotel spa on the Sunday morning after an amazing (and far too big) full english breakfast.

I took my running gear with me, I optimistically packed 2 sets of everything thinking I’d get out for 2 good runs, erm……t all stayed packed in my suitcase and promptly got put back into my drawer upon returning home.  If anyone has seen my lost running Mojo please please return it to me, the marathon and prior training seems to have sapped any enthusiasm I had for running.  It’s not like I don’t love talking about running or the idea of getting out there and doing a good plod, it’s just that when it actually comes to getting into my Lycra I feel a complete and utter lack of motivation, want, happiness, whatever it was that used to get me out there pounding the pavements and trails.  Due to this predicament I have gone almost back to basics and I have frequented one of my local park runs for the last 2 Saturdays, it’s crazy to say this but I am finding that 5k almost as hard as it was running the 42.2k in April.

On to my crochet activity now.  I’ve finished a couple of projects, the Bunny comforter that my lovely friend commissioned me to make has been finished and posted to her, she said her daughter absolutely loves it.  I have to say I was really pleased with how it turned out, it was so soft and squishy that it made me regret not making these for my children when they were babies, I absolutely loved making it, it just made me feel so content each evening.

I’m extremely proud of this commission!

I saw a pattern for one of the super cute crochet octopus that are being made for premature babies (I know I am late on this bandwagon) and I decided I wanted to make one, no reason at all but I had a bit of a pale minty coloured yarn that I thought would look lovely as an octopus.  Annoyingly I managed to make the whole thing minus ONE tentacle before the yarn ran out and rather than frog it I decided it would add to his character if I used white yarn for the last tentacle.  And so Ollie was born complete in all his unique glory showing off his odd white tentacle.

Ollie the Unique Octopus

I have also started work on a Spice of Life blanket.  I saw the pattern (by Sandra Paul of Cherry Heart) on Ravelry and immediately fell in Lust, I had to make this, it made my heart sing just seeing all of the beautiful stitches and textures and the variety of colours. Of course me being me, I didn’t want to make it in the colour packs that are suggested on the pattern so I chose my own colour way using Stylecraft Special DK Yarn.  The yarn arrived and I have to say I was a little underwhelmed.  It al seemed so dull, it lacked the pizazz that I thought it would have, the colours seemed muted when I piled them up to look at them working together.

I realised when adding this image that they were never dull or muted, just my weirdness perceiving them that way

Regardless I made a start on the blanket, the first few rows are double crochet (US Terms) which seemed a bit of a slog to start with but I was kept interested with the colour changes every couple of rows, oh and I learnt to master the magic knot joining method (go me!).  As I got further in I started to think that the colours were looking better than I had first thought.  And now that I’m done with the first section and have done a fair few colour changes – WOW – the colours really do pop, they seem really bright, cheerful and so happy.  It’s living up to all of my initial expectations and more.  I am finding myself thinking about doing some more to it whilst I’m doing other things, I just want to get to the next row, the next colour change, the next stitch pattern. 

Totally in LOVE!

As you can see I haven’t got very far, mainly because I decided that the original pattern wouldn’t be wide enough for my liking so I have done it 1.5 times the width.  For anyone interested in this pattern, there is a Facebook page that has all the information you could ever require, including how to increase the width, which hook sizes to use for different sections if you find your blanket is coming up narrower on one particular section, and also just general support and chat about the blanket.

Finally I would like to share this make with you…..


I’ve been storing my crochet hooks in the plastic sleeve that they came in but it felt clunky and boring, I wanted something unique and most importantly – Pink,  and it also didn’t have anywhere for my little scissors to go and I found myself hunting around every time I needed them.  I decided to make a crochet hook roll, I know it isn’t crochet,  I know, but I think it’s pretty cute and it was so so much fun to make (ignoring the fact that it took me an hour to find my sewing machine pedal!!)!  It has a number of little pockets for my various hooks, a larger pocket for my scissors and I added a felt pad to hold my yarn needles and stitch marker so it is all kept together.

How cute is this print???

It’s nearly time for me to go pick up my daughter from school now so I am off, I shall write another update very soon, thank you for taking the time to read my blog!

P.S. If you would like to commission me to make you any of the items that have featured in this post then please do contact me via email 🙂

See you soon!

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There’s a Storm Brewing


Yesterday I woke up with that familiar pain behind my eyes, it wasn’t horrendous (yet) but I know the warning signs oh so well, a migraine was brewing.  I’ve run out of my prescription medicine so the only hope I had was co-codamol but I couldn’t take that before I’d done the school run – it makes me so foggy and exhausted.

I trudged to school with my daughter, luckily Wednesday my younger 2 are at Nursery so I only had the eldest to shepherd along, the sun felt like it was boring a hole in my brain, it was ridiculously bright like someone had turned the intensity up to 100%. I walked home with a lovely friend who practices Reiki and without me saying anything she picked up that I wasn’t well, walking our usual route through the cemetery she comment how she must be healing me as she felt sick – bizarre as I had started feeling sick slightly before this, I’ve never experienced anything like this before and whilst walking along with her I felt the fog lift ever so slightly.  I mean it wasn’t enough for me to feel amazing but it certainly helped me stop vomiting on the last leg of my walk!  Sadly she had to go home to work so the free healing couldn’t’ continue but it helped get me home and has certainly given me food for thought about booking some sessions with her to try and help manage my migraines which lately have become so frequent it’s driving me insane (well more so than normal).

At home I poured myself a pint of water, took a couple of tablets and promptly crawled into bed with the curtains closed and promptly drifted off into a restorative healing sleep – BLISS!


Later that day I worked a little more on my latest crochet project.  It’s been a joyous labour of love so far but yesterday afternoon I started working on the tiny little arms, this was far too fiddly for my bruised foggy brain to cope with and I somehow ended up crocheting the end together, I think I restarted about 5 times before finally getting one arm done.  It’s a 6 stitch round of 10 rows so really shouldn’t have take me any time at all but this is what migraines reduce me to.

So far I am really enjoying working with Stylecraft Special DK, my only comment would be that the 4 yarns I’ve bought (all of them Special DK) seem to be of slightly varying thickness, and they’re certainly thicker than other DK yarns which I’ve been using.  This isn’t a bad thing at all, just something to keep in mind if you are looking for a yarn to work into an amigurumi project or similar, it was a little tricky working the Silver, which coincidentally seems to be the thickest of the colours into the tiny stitches for the head, ears and especially the tiny arms. I will definitely be buying more of this to work into a blanket; probably my next project, I’d like a really bright colourful afghan to throw onto my sofa to cosy it up a bit.

More on that later! Bye for now x


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Got the blues…..?


Exactly one month ago today I was running a marathon, if I hadn’t been there I would find this hard to believe because today I struggle to get my head around running anything more than 5k.

I struggled with an injury during training, it started about a month before the marathon date so pretty much at the height of my long runs (no surprise there) which with the help of a sports massage I managed to keep at bay for the first half of the marathon, the second, well I practiced mind over matter and to a certain degree it worked because I got round, it was a struggle, it hurt, it hurt a hell of a lot but at the end I felt immensely proud and full of achievement. Ever since that day my injury has been niggling away, I use the term injury very loosely as it is essentially a tight ITB and Piriformis and reduced my 4 weekly runs to a measly once a week 5k at run club. Due to sheer stubbornness I have refused to miss run club, it is my sanity and my way of convincing myself that I can still run and I will get back to running more regularly. Along with my once weekly run I have been massaging my ITB a LOT and also using the dreaded ROLLER.  This is absolute agony, I swear it hurts more than the pain after my 3 C-Sections, it makes me groan, scream and even at times swear profusely but I think my perseverance has come to fruition as yesterday walking to pickup my eldest daughter from school I noticed that my leg wasn’t hurting, not even slightly niggling, YAY, all the pain has been worth it (hopefully), so tonight I am off to run club, Tuesdays are speed sessions and this evening is hill sprints in our local woods, it is an absolute pig of a hill but I will be running without pain DOUBLE YAY!


Before the easter holidays I saw a footstool on Pinterest that I absolutely fell in love with, I researched and found out it was a crochet pattern, now I am the type of person that loves a challenge and will pursue that challenge sometimes obsessively, and I have to say that my crochet journey has been very much like this.  I taught myself to crochet in one day (not brilliantly I will admit but I’ve had enough practice now that I think I can say I’m at intermediate level) and literally cannot stop, I’ve started a blanket, I’ve made a shrug, coasters, wash cloths, candle jar covers and even a clutch bag along with the pouffe which was my initial project, maybe I will write a separate post about this.  I am crocheting at every opportunity and keep trawling Pinterest and Ravelry to find new ideas and patterns to add to my wish list.

I find crochet extremely healing for my mind and spirit, I’m prone to episodes of anxiety and depression and this seems to help with that, I wish I had found it years ago but for some reason I thought it was an old persons pastime, well if it is then I am happy to embrace being an old person! My husband seems to find it amusing that I now happily sit with my hook and yarn of an evening working away on one project or another whilst we watch our various programs or sit chatting.

My latest project is a Bunny comforter for a friends baby, she posted on Facebook asking if anyone could make one and I jumped at the chance.  I ordered the yarn from the Wool Warehouse at the weekend and today it arrived – Happy Yarn Day! This is the first time I’ve ordered from Wool Warehouse and I have to say I am really impressed, I placed my order late Saturday night so the delivery was super quick. I opened my parcel and inside the yarn was nestling inside a beautiful organza bag, lovely! I am using Stylecraft Special DK in 4 colours: Pale Rose, Lavender, Silver and Cream.image1.jpeg

I’ve not used Stylecraft Yarn before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect but it is beautifully soft and squishy and the colours are lovely, perfect for a baby comforter. I will keep you updated on my progress and hopefully have a few pictures to post along the way.

Anyway I’m off to eat a chicken sandwich with my youngest and make a start on the comforter in the gorgeous British sunshine, back soon x