Double Trouble

So today I went for my first proper proper run with the double buggy.  Running this year has been hard for me, I was quite fit last year until in October I got Chickenpox, followed by various chest infections and finally Tonsillitis which resulted in a Quinsy (yes it sounds like something from the dark ages, but as I discovered it is a very real thing).  Anyway to cut a long story short I have found myself beginning my fitness journey pretty much from scratch this year and it’s been hard going.

A couple of weeks ago I went for a trial run with a Mummy friend from school; I loved it and as is typical for me I jumped in with both feet and put out a wanted ad for a double running buggy as cheap as possible on Facebook. As luck would have it one of my friends replied and very kindly said I could borrow hers. Today was my first run with it.

“WOW!!! My son and youngest daughter are bloody heavy…..” those were my first thoughts on setting off up the hill!  To be honest those words pretty much sum up the entire contents of my brain for the whole run with the odd “I can’t do this” thrown in for good measure.  But I did do it, and we ran what is for me a massive 7.3km – 7.3 whole kilometres with me pushing pretty close to 30 Kilos all the way.  I’m feeling sore and a little achey but on the whole I have that good feeling you get when you’ve pushed yourself pretty much as far as you can physically and come out the other side to tell the tale.

We ran with a friend of my friends too and boy was she fast, I mean like really fast, we managed to keep up at the start of the run but as we got onto our local playing fields she pulled away, further and further away until I abandoned all hope of catching up with her.  As bad as this sounds it was actually what I needed, a bit of motivation in the form of some good old fashioned competition.  It resulted in my longest run this year, with or without buggy and for that I am so grateful.

Although my children look like they hated it in the photo, they both seemed to be having a whale of a time and they certainly enjoyed the treat of Gingerbread men at the end.

Tomorrow I am off for another buggy run, thankfully the single one this time (the purchase of which was yet another one of my impulsive must have buys) so hopefully it will be a lot easier on my aching ageing body this time.