Crochet, Migraine, mind

There’s a Storm Brewing


Yesterday I woke up with that familiar pain behind my eyes, it wasn’t horrendous (yet) but I know the warning signs oh so well, a migraine was brewing.  I’ve run out of my prescription medicine so the only hope I had was co-codamol but I couldn’t take that before I’d done the school run – it makes me so foggy and exhausted.

I trudged to school with my daughter, luckily Wednesday my younger 2 are at Nursery so I only had the eldest to shepherd along, the sun felt like it was boring a hole in my brain, it was ridiculously bright like someone had turned the intensity up to 100%. I walked home with a lovely friend who practices Reiki and without me saying anything she picked up that I wasn’t well, walking our usual route through the cemetery she comment how she must be healing me as she felt sick – bizarre as I had started feeling sick slightly before this, I’ve never experienced anything like this before and whilst walking along with her I felt the fog lift ever so slightly.  I mean it wasn’t enough for me to feel amazing but it certainly helped me stop vomiting on the last leg of my walk!  Sadly she had to go home to work so the free healing couldn’t’ continue but it helped get me home and has certainly given me food for thought about booking some sessions with her to try and help manage my migraines which lately have become so frequent it’s driving me insane (well more so than normal).

At home I poured myself a pint of water, took a couple of tablets and promptly crawled into bed with the curtains closed and promptly drifted off into a restorative healing sleep – BLISS!


Later that day I worked a little more on my latest crochet project.  It’s been a joyous labour of love so far but yesterday afternoon I started working on the tiny little arms, this was far too fiddly for my bruised foggy brain to cope with and I somehow ended up crocheting the end together, I think I restarted about 5 times before finally getting one arm done.  It’s a 6 stitch round of 10 rows so really shouldn’t have take me any time at all but this is what migraines reduce me to.

So far I am really enjoying working with Stylecraft Special DK, my only comment would be that the 4 yarns I’ve bought (all of them Special DK) seem to be of slightly varying thickness, and they’re certainly thicker than other DK yarns which I’ve been using.  This isn’t a bad thing at all, just something to keep in mind if you are looking for a yarn to work into an amigurumi project or similar, it was a little tricky working the Silver, which coincidentally seems to be the thickest of the colours into the tiny stitches for the head, ears and especially the tiny arms. I will definitely be buying more of this to work into a blanket; probably my next project, I’d like a really bright colourful afghan to throw onto my sofa to cosy it up a bit.

More on that later! Bye for now x



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